The Wildjoy story began in my college bedroom dreaming about how to make life more fun. Like most seniors, I was planning to pursue a full-time corporate role after I graduated, yet my passions couldn't have been farther from corporate life. As it was my senior year, I was knee deep in my entrepreneurship major trying to come up with a company that I actually loved and could pursue instead of a corporate job. 

Mental health has been and is a huge part of my journey; battling anxiety and depression throughout highschool and college had taught me that when I wasn't happy, I needed to physcially DO something that would help me feel better.  

My go-to adventure was a sunset drive on Mount Lemmon — orange tones in the sky, cool crisp air, and the Tucson skyline in the distance. The scenic hour drive from Tucson going from the desert to a woodland oasis was completely healing for me mentally as I lowered my windows and let my hair flow in the wind. 


Often we are told to pursue what makes us happy or to constantly be in pursuit of happiness. Happiness can only be defined by the individual and is certainly impossible to impose on anyone else’s life. However, joy is different.


Joy is felt in the little moments like playing with your dog, having that first sip of coffee in the morning, or reliving the memories of spring break with your best friends. Joy sparks a feeling that can lead to more happiness overall. This is where Wildjoy came from. 


The name 'Wildjoy' came from the feeling of being wild and free and paired it with the german translation of my favorite song, Jubel by Klingande, meaning joy. If you put it together, wild-joy!!! In March before graduation, I called my full-time offer and decided to go all in on the baby version of WILDJOY. 


Since I moved to Scottsdale in May 2019 to launch Wildjoy, the journey has been crazier and more magical then I ever dreamt. For the first year, I was balancing a serving job to pay the bills while I worked all day/night on building Wildjoy. Since we started posting on social media in Jan. 20', our community has grown to over 200k+. 


Wildjoy has plans for vast expansion out of Arizona, but for right now, we are kickin' it in my home state building our foundation. Can't wait to keep finding our Wildjoy together. 

This is a visual representation of the Wildjoy I felt driving to Mount Lemmon feeling wild and free.
(Drawn by my talented friend, @makcreating aka Makayla Kaiser) 

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